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Road TransportatIon

Partial and complete truck service to Europe, Middle East, Turkish Republics (Commonwealth of Independent States) and to the Black Sea Region.

AIr TransportatIon

Door to Door export and import services to all world countries.


As Ekinoks, we are in cooperation with world’s leading expert agencies which are which have a voice in world’s container transportation.

MultImodal And CombIned Transport

This provides the use of different transport units integrated with more than one transportation types which enhances service quality and ensures lower transportation costs.

2003 - 2018

Since 15 years;
Customer-focused, constantly evolving, solution-focused, fast, reliable and economical ...
Together to a better future...


We have accomplished 15 years in the shipping sector by adhering to our values at all costs and under all circumstances since 2003. Our reputation was built on quality and trust since the very beginning. One of our enduring principles has been working hard to reach further with our network of more than 85 agents in 48 different countries. We will continue to make a difference by combining our knowledge and experience with our expert staff and technology without compromising our values in the new world order. Our fast, safe, economical and solution-oriented approach to service is our indispensable asset to this end.

Ekinoks will continue to progress with its staff, agent network and valued customers. As we enter the next 15 years we thank everyone who support us with their contribution, knowledge and hearts.

Agent Networks
Trasportation vehicles


Along with our contract rates with the global container vessel operators, we provide service in 48 countries with more than 85 agencies around the world,creating various of service abilities for our valuable customers.

With 100% Safety we forward to your target

We provide a cost saving and time friendly service from the container loadings at factory and shipment up to your customers’ doors.

Special shipment service

We are carrying the world with our team that can undertake responsibilities and work diligently with an innovative perspective and without stepping out of the line of policies that we value.


We provide full and partial all services of air, sea, land and rail to all world regions and destinations.

We carry any cargo from fresh/frozen/dry foods, textile, packaging materials, automative, spares, machinery,natural stones to minerals but don’t accept any cargo without DGR certificates, explosives, guns, weapons, artillery, radioactive products as well as funerals.

We ask what commodity you have in order to prepare right equipment to carry your cargo in case of a special treatment, handling with care, or against any restrictions, customs procedures.

In this case we also inform our counterparts domestical and international to provide same service and handling at arrival points. We need this info so we can take care of your cargo at most safe and secured way.

No, you can always ask for our service to send container, our own trucks, pick-up trucks to your factory, warehouse in order to collect your goods.

We do have our business partners abroad just like us to give such services to your clients in any destination that we serve within the local’s legal permission of handling.